Thank You Letter (Wedding) 08/14/2003 by Marla Murasko

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THANK YOU LETTER…I wanted to take this time to say … WOW! I was extremely pleased with your performance at my ceremony in playing my processional song. It was truly incredible that you played that song perfectly just from hearing the tape. It goes to show you what a professional you are.

You knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish with the music and I couldn’t have done a better job myself even if I had a tape recorder. As I watched my bridesmaids go down the aisle and got in position for my turn, as soon as you hit that first note for my part I got choked up. I have dreamed about playing that song for my wedding for a long time and you played it perfectly. Thank You!

I was not able to enjoy you play during the cocktail reception because I was taking photos, but all I heard was rave reviews from my guests. You were highly recommended by the Basking Ridge Country Club and I see why.

Thank you again for making my day a memorable event.


Mrs. Marla Murasko

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