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You Are There

I’ve Never Been in Love Before
While We’re Young
You Are There

You Are There (2006) / Jerry Vezza has tried something on “You Are There” that is so old that it is new. He took himself and his three band mates into a studio, gathered them all into a single room, and actually recorded an album with the players feeding off each other face-to-face, just as they would at a gig. What you get is a feeling of spontaneity and togetherness that is so sorely lacking on many current recordings. Vezza, accompanied by frequent cohorts Frank Noviello on vocals, Tom DiCarlo on bass and Glenn Davis on drums, consistently demonstrates why he has developed a loyal following. / BridgePin Records

01 While We’re Young
02 You Don’t Know What Live Is
03 Everything I Love
04 You are There
05 Capo Testa
06 I’ve Never Been in Love Before
07 I Wished on the Moon
08 Humpty Dumpty Heart
09 Hey You
10 Bossa Diane
11 The Touch of Your Lips

You Are There

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
The Old Country

Two for the Road (2001) / Two for the Road was recorded in 2001 in NYC. This album was inspired by Jerry’s love of Sardinia, Italy where he performs every year. The beauty of the music reflects the area’s captivating views and pervasive serenity. Three wonderful musicians are featured: Tom Sayek on drums, Rick Crane on bass and Bob Hanlon on sax. A very special track on this CD is a song Jerry wrote for his son entitled, Waltz for Alexander.

01 Dreamsville
02 The Old Country
03 Waltz for Alexander
04 A Time for Love
05 April in Paris
06 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
07 Get Out of Town
08 Sardinia/Two for the Road
09 I Loves You Porgy

You Are There

The Sunny Side of the Street
Cry Me A River
Good Morning Heartache

Live at Shanghai Jazz (1998) / This is a live recording of a band that Jerry often plays with. Jazz Jump is lead by guitarist and singer, Grover Kemble. It’s a fun, swinging band that really features the wonderful and unique talent of Grover. A special guest on the album is John Pizzarelli on backing vocals and guitar. This album was recorded at Shanghai Jazz where Jerry often appears with his trio. / Groverman Records

01 Meet Me Down at Shanghai Jazz
02 Cool Cat Clawdy
03 Good Morning Heartache
04 All I Had Was 50 Cents
05 The River Is Blue
06 The Sunny Side of the Street
07 I Thought About You
08 Willow Weep for Me
09 The Strangest Feeling
10 Cry Me a River
11 After You’ve Gone
12 Gimme That Wine
13 Shanghai Jazz Reprise

You Are There

I Never Knew
Weaver of Dreams
With a Song in My Heart

With a Song in my Heart (1996) / The prime mover of this record was Peter Madsen – an amazing pianist and friend. It was he who encouraged, guided and assisted me through the entire process. He also introduced me to an incredible bassist, Peter Herbert, with whom he records and tours. The contributions of both Peters of this project are immeasurable. I am currently taking lessons from two very special
teachers – my children Julianna and Alexander who remind me daily just how much fun it is to play. At the deepest level of love, from which every endeavor flourishes, stands my wife Diane. She has nourished my creative nature allowing it to grow and express itself as never before. / Hermes Records

01 I Never Knew
02 With a Song in My Heart
03 My Heart Stood Still
04 Summer Nights
05 Everytime We Say Goodbye
06 Cry Me a River
07 Sometime Ago
08 Weaver of Dreams
09 The Breeze and I
10 On a Winter Day
11 Lullaby for Julianna
12 Uroborus