Madison Eagle (Music Review)

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MADISON EAGLE – “The Veteran and the novice teaming up for jazz Sunday – Pianist Vezza, singer McCarthy to perform at Madison venue” Anyone who knows Jerry Vezza, Madison jazz pianist, realizes that he’s passionate about life, his family and his profession.

Vezza is “old-school,” and committed to “passing it on.”

“The idea of mentoring a young artist is something I feel committed to,” said Vezza of Wisteria Court, a Madison resident since 1991 and a proponent of arts education in Madison.

What he’d like young artists to learn, Vezza added, is that the public enjoys, expects, and deserves a “seamless” performance, and that a “seamless” performance requires a huge amount of training, committed and discipline.

“It looks easy,” said Vezza of the ideal performance style, “but it is based on hours of work.”

In Vezza’s case, his work as a jazz musician is what he loves, with an interest in jazz that dates back to his childhood. He started playing piano at age 7 and was inspired by his father’s extensive collection of jazz records.

Over the past few weeks, Vezza has been sharing his skills and wisdom while rehearsing with Kira McCarthy, formerly of Madison, for a show at 6 p.m. this Sunday, Jan. 18, at Shanghai Jazz, Madison’s renowned jazz venue at 24 Main St., named one of the “Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World” by Downbeat magazine.

McCarthy will be performing jazz favorites selected and arranged by Vezza, including material from Billie Holiday through Dionne Warwick.

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